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Low stone shower trays are becoming the must have feature in any shower room. Especially popular are the level access shower trays because they only have a very small ridge around the edge and the shower tray itself is nearly level with the floor. Buying best shower enclosure, a stone shower tray is easy as they are available in various shapes including our quadrant shower trays.

The main advantage of a stone shower tray over the more traditional resin shower tray is mainly that is a solid structure and feels very firm under foot. However always check your plumbing first to see if a stone shower tray is suitable for your bathroom design.

If you need to run pipe work under the shower tray and through a wall, then you will need to look for a high stone shower tray. This style has plinths and feet attached underneath to raise it higher off the ground. If your pipework will run under floorboards then you will be ok with low stone shower trays.

This question only applies in certain situations depending largely on the type and size or layout of your best shower enclosure or space. There are benefits and disadvantages to either layout depending on circumstance so you should judge each by its merits depending on the situation that you looking to use them.

A wet room is becoming more popular and its main advantages are that you don’t need to step up onto a tray and that you can pretty much do you want in the space that you have with regain to having an enclosure, shower screen or just an open room. Without a shower tray you will need to waterproof your room and work out how to deal with drainage. Some people use large tiles or if you are on a ground floor which is solid this might be ok but will be harder to install drainage options.

The shower tray is the normal option as you get a best shower enclosure and tray to match. Now with much better stone shower trays on the market, you can get both high stone trays and low stone trays. The low variety are better to look at but you will need to run the waste below floorboards whereas the high trays you have the option to run the waste under the tray and out of the side into a wall.

There are not many occasions where you will seriously have a choice to make between tray or wet room but you will now have a better understanding of the differences and when and where each option should be used.

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The relaxing effects of water are legendary. Whether done lounging in a hot water bath or under the relaxing stream, or a blast, if you prefer, of a shower, water can do wonders to wash those blues away.

With housing becoming more environment-friendly and space is at a premium, shower cubicles are becoming more and more popular especially online where the options are endless.

You will find there are shower enclosures, both framed shower enclosures and frameless shower enclosures, walk-in shower enclosures, shower trays, shower screens, entire shower sets, shower pumps, and more for all your bathroom fitting needs.

One of the most important components of a shower cubicle is the shower tray; it is the cornerstone of the cubicle. Depending upon the kind of cubicle you want, you can order for a suitable shower tray. You can choose from a vast range of shower trays online where you will find the best selections of shower trays UK.

Size and Shape matter

Depending on the size and shape of the bathroom, you can choose from different kinds of square shower trays or quadrant shower trays, the rectangular shower trays or pentagonal shower trays. For example if your bathroom is small you can opt for the compact shower tray 760. These trays will most shower enclosures advertised to be the same dimension but be careful when ordering quadrant trays that the curve of the tray is the same as the enclosure.

This product comes in a variety of stone shower trays or resin shower trays or acrylic shower trays, as high profile or low profile shower trays. Stone shower trays are sturdier, the ones made out of resin are strong and light, while acrylic trays are flexible. You are advised to opt for a high profile shower tray if the waste is running under the tray and through the walls; a low profile tray is used if the waste is running under the floorboards.

best shower enclosure design

Factors to be consider

Before choosing a best shower enclosure, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. The first thing to check is your water pressure, decide how you are going to connect the water supply to your shower enclosure so that water may flow sufficient enough to provide an invigorating flow of water from the shower head. Once you have worked out the best option you can start to look at the design of your space. First of all, how big is the bathroom or wet-room that the enclosure will be placed into? What sort of decor do you have or are you looking for? this will have an impact on the style of enclosure that you eventually opt for. Look for a style that will not be out of place in several years time.

There are many different types of enclosure on the market to choose from and also a huge range of prices to match! Best shower enclosure was the most popular one that is with a glass panelled shower that is sometimes mounted onto a bathroom base tray. Kinds of showers that allows easy access, are watertight and are generally a good value option for placing in a small bathroom or en-suite facility. Enclosures that you may see in a bathroom is tiled walls to keep the enclosure watertight, always read installation instructions very carefully when installing these enclosures to ensure the best possible finish.

Tray based enclosures are sold in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, so depending on the space you have available and the look you are hoping to achieve it should not prove too difficult to find something suitable. The Z-series frameless 800 shower enclosure is a popular choice for people who are looking for a stylish functional design at an affordable price. This style of enclosure has always proved to be popular because of its simplistic frameless design and? superb build quality.

If you have more space available for your enclosure or are looking for something with greater space inside then you may consider a walk-in enclosure (an open enclosure without a door) or a freestanding design like the ZW-series 1200 freestanding enclosure. This type of structure is placed against one wall instead of the usual two and its appeal lies in its visually stunning spacious design which becomes a focal point in any room.

Options to consider

Other options to consider when choosing your best shower enclosure are to either incorporate your shower into your bath or to build a shower or wet room(start building your own furniture). The obvious advantage in having your shower above the bath is the space saving. If you decide to take this option, first check that your bath is suitable.

The ideal characteristics of a shower bath include having a wide end at the shower end, non sloping and reinforced. You may even decide to install a P-shaped bath which is specifically designed for doubling up as a shower enclosure. If you have the space and budget for a shower or wet room then it is advisable to find a shower door (and tray if necessary) first that will fit into your space.

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