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You going through your best plan for constructing the new house. You browsed through it well, then suddenly, you faced the dreaded thought of designing the smallest room in the house – the bathroom . You realized that you need to give a lot of attention to make this room stand out and be the room you have always been dreaming of. Constructing the bathroom from the group up gives you the most leeway in thinking of and executing the bath size, location, and configuration. You may now plan to have a master bath in the master’s room and give it a spa- like, relaxing atmosphere. You may also think of constructing a half bath or powder room in your living room or near the dining room. Even in other places like your garage or recreation room, you can very well have your bathroom design there.

For whatever reasons, the goal remains that the new bath should improve the quality of life for you and your family. This new planned bathroom should make use of the bathroom convenient and easy. For your mind sake, your bathroom should be a place to relax and recuperate. Building the new bathroom should add value to the house. A remodeled bathroom puts the value of the house on a better level when it is up for selling. Should you decide to sell the house on a late period, the best way for this to happen is you achieving your construction needs at the most cost – effective way. As bathroom designs come in all shapes and sizes, you need a guide what to consider in the selecting your new bathroom:

Setting your bathroom construction goals

Since you have sworn to go for the value for your budget, you need to set goals, follow it and monitor it until completion. Your goals should be based on your assessment of the information for whom and why the bathroom was constructed for. You need to define your primary users and how often they will be using the bathroom. You need to think of the convenience that this new bathroom will offer to the users. This will determine the design of the bathroom and even the furnishing of the fixtures. You should also consider the schedule as to when to best have construction period. Identify the dates where there is a fewer need for use of the bathroom or less number of residents in the house who will be needing the space. Then develop a checklist to prioritize what elements should be incorporated in the new design.

Define your budget

When you have set your goals for remodeling, you need to define your budget. As this new bathroom is also a part of the whole house construction budget, you need to decide which fixture, lighting and finishes that will be incorporated into the design. For example, if you will be staying for a long period in the house, design elements such as handrails, non – slippery floors should already be considered for your golden years and beyond. If there are teen – agers that will use the bathroom for make – up, then have a bright light installed near the mirror. A family with lots of members deserve lots of storage spaces. Look through the different materials that you wished to be added to the bathroom then see if it can be accommodated in your budget. Research on the costs of the materials like the cost of tiles, fixtures and the vanity. You may browse through home improvement magazines and books. Search on bathroom construction Go to the stores and browse through the essential components of a bathroom will help you define your budget. For example, you can already estimate the cost of the floor tiles as the floor tiling should readily take up all of the floor areas of the room. If you want floor tiling, the cost would depend on the design that you envision. Most of the bathroom construction projects overshoot from their original budgeting estimates. To avoid being shocked by the unexpected expenses you should add a good 15 to 20 percent on top of you total estimated cost. You may want to set your budget first before you meet with a contractor.

Bathroom Design

The layout and design of the bathroom should be thought – of intensely as to not waste your time and resources in changing it. Your new bathroom design should incorporate all the reasons for remodeling the space. Browsing through completed bathroom design projects will give you an idea on how they incorporated the elements you wished were in your new bathroom design. Make sure that you have measured the bathroom design spaces intently, looking into the height, depth, width of the space. Include in your measurement the areas where various potential and planned furniture, bath tubs fixtures will be placed. Communication with the contract right at the outset of the planning and constant monitoring through the construction phase is also very important.

bathroom design review

Hiring a contractor and moving on with the construction.

You should already be clear with your budget and your design prior to meeting the contractor. You should hire a licensed and insured contractor to prevent problems later on. Hire a contractor with an impressive portfolio and whose work can be validated. The best ones are those referred by somebody you knew and who can vouch for the work of the contractor. Prior to signing contracts, you can also negotiate with the price and be upfront with your expectations. For your supplies and fixtures, you should be able to collect three quotes for comparison. Consider the cost of installation too. After you have selected the contractor, you should communicate with him on the daily basis so you can avoid being surprised by anything. After the completion of your structure, you should be able to obtain building regulations – drainage, electrical connections and system, ventilation and some elements in your bathroom design that have to meet safety standards. This has an implication in the future as you may have to show compliance to these when you plan to re-sell your house in the future.

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